SNABOT for Any Website

How does it work?

Say Hello to your website visitor! Then, provides quick answers to common questions, or capture their contact info (if needed). Businesses that respond faster close more sales.

SNABOT For Online Booking

How does it work?

Automatically starts a conversation with your prospects. Allow them to book meetings or appointments on your website based on the free time in your Google calendar… no waiting time!

SNABOT For Online Store

How does it work?

Welcome your online store visitors, helps them find what they want quickly and efficiently on your website. Respond automatically and you’ll never miss a potential customer. 





Busy? No Time to provide Quick Response?

Website visitors always expect a quick reply. SNABOT auto-reply feature will impress them and create happy customers.


Website Works 24/7 For You, But Your Staff No

No one will work 24/7 (yes, they need to sleep), but SNABOT never sleeps. It will chat with your website visitors 365 days a year.


Too Many Staffs Do The Same Repetitive Tasks?

Instead of employing more staff for repetitive tasks, why not use SNABOT to automate the selected tasks and save costs?



Provides quick answers to common questions, reducing customer service and support.


Respond to your website visitors 24/7, anytime, anyday, 365 days a year – across the timezone!


Let your website visitors find what they want quickly and efficiently on your website.


Helps you to capture website visitors contact details for future support or marketing purpose.


Respond to multiple customers enquiries at the same time. Don’t worry, it’s a Chat Robot!



Get Up Early, Stay Up Late!

Hey there! You have definitely done your research and developed another groundbreaking piece of software. I tried standard live chat but enquiries would always come in as I was unavailable or in meetings. Thanks snabot for solving this problem – now, I don’t have to worry about missing out on leads!


New Smile. New Life.

I’ve used other chat apps in the past, and all of them were too complicated and buggy. iwebot blows them all away. It keeps visitors on my websites longer and converts them into subscriber, follower, or customer.


We Are Life Changers.

We would highly recommend this product to other companies interested in collecting quality leads. In less than a year, iwebot built me a list of hundreds of subscribers! It was so much faster than using a standard webform. 



Welcome Message

Start a conversation – Say hi to your website visitors. Engage more website visitors with this welcome message.

See Demo

Qualifying Leads

A bot to help you find the best leads. Find the BEST leads with auto-qualification.

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Request A Demo

Let your visitors choose a time for a demo in a conversational way. Get more meetings booked without lifting a finger.

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Sign up for Newsletter

Let your customers easily sign up to your newsletter. Grow your newsletter subscriber list!

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Leads Capture

A friendlier way of asking for details like name, email and company. Capture more leads from your website.

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Webinar sign up

A bot to help customers sign up to your webinar or live talk. Get more webinar sign-ups.

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F A Q s

What is SNABOT ?

SNABOT is a smart Chat Robot (aka ChatBot) that will automate a lot of your website repetitive tasks, as examples: SNABOT will “say hello” to your website visitors, quickly reply to their questions, re-direct them to your product page, asking for their contact details and many more. Please see the demo … let’s see how SNABOT can turn your website into 24/7 selling machine!

Does SNABOT work on any website?

So far we have tested on hundreds of websites and 90% of them working perfectly. Don’t worry, if your website does not support (due to a technical issue that we can’t solve it), we will provide a 100% refund.

Does SNABOT work on WordPress website or blog?

Sure. In fact 80% of our customers are WordPress users.

Does SNABOT mobile friendly?

Yes, we have fully tested it on mobile devices.

Does your SNABOT Support Multiple Languages?

Yes, currently we have tested in 3 languages, i.e., English, Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia (Bahasa Indonesia). We believe it will work fine in other languages too.

What else can SNABOT does?

It’s a lot more. Please contact us & let us know your business nature. We will show you how SNABOT can help your business.

Does SNABOT support Messenger & WhatsApp?

Yes, in fact, SNABOT is special design smart AI bot to work as FB Messenger Bot and at the same time, extended to support WhatsApp and Text Message too. 

How long is your turnaround time?

Usually within three (3) working days or earlier. It will depend on our workload, and we guarantee it’s not more than 7 working days.

If you concern about the delivery date, please contact us to get the exact delivery date based on our latest workload.

If I have a problem, how to get support?

Bad support can destroy your investment and happiness. When you buy from us, you get the guarantee of good quality support.

We have 24/7 support ticket system ready to solve your problem. When you open a ticket with us, you’ll get a guaranteed response within 24 working hours (usually less than 6 hours depending on your timezone).

Can I upgrade from Simple to Extra Plan in future?

Yes, we are happy to upgrade you to a higher plan. If you need any help, just drop us a message, we are more than glad to assist you.

Can I cancel the plan anytime if I don't like it?

There is no service contract. You can cancel the plan anytime (no question ask), it will stop after the billing period, and there will be no payments in the future.

What is your Refund Policy?

If we can’t deliver any order within 7 working days*, we will fully refund your payment + a cash coupon to spend on our online store. This is our Iron-Clad commitment to deliver all orders on time.

*from the date customer has provided us with the required information

Can I meet you discuss in details?

Even though 95% of our customers base is from website & forum, we have no problem to meet a potential customer based on our available time. FYI, we are from Johor Bahru, Malaysia & occasionally travel to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

We are available for meeting from Monday to Thursday.

What is your background?

Hello! We have over eight (8) years of working experience in web development related business & used to work in an IT firm for over 14 years. One of our partners is a Google certified partner in eCommerce and display ads.

We love travelling (yes, we are backpackers) and meeting new people around the world. FYI, we have travelled to over 20 countries within the past ten (10) years.


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